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ANKE DESIGN STUDIO is an interior design practice founded in 2007 and headed by Chief Designer Anna Gawlik.

My work is based on two main pillars:  a specific and unique conditions of each theme and on its context on one hand, and on the other one on the individual dreams and aspirations of each of my clients.
In every project I am striving to achieve a tranquil atmosphere and serene aesthetic using as natural, noble and raw materials as possible, deriving from palette of colors based on earth colors and focusing on a critical role of the  light.
While pursuing a timeless and as simple as possible architecture and design, at the same time I respect the availability of natural resources of our planet and also optimize the economic side of each project.
"Summarizing the 15 years of my work in interior design, I feel that my thoughts have calmed down and the vision has become clearer. I learned to eliminate. I came back to nature. Looking back, I know that many of my projects were like disguises, today I try to make the spaces that come out of my hand feel like the second skin of the inhabitants. I try to create houses that are true shelters. Also because I understand more about the expectations of my home as a safe haven rather than a piece of jewelry. I am passionate about durable materials that are gifts of the earth. I would like more people to share this passion and that there would be consent and understanding for the imperfection and beauty of an aging natural object. I think I'm moving towards minimalism. One which is the frame of nature, but at the same time I really care about understanding the personality and individuality of the people I work with. I am aiming at the ideal situation in which the interiors designed by me resonate with the energy of their inhabitants. My aesthetics has evolved a lot, I think that it is still in a constant process of change, that I am still on the way, constantly exploring - not only professionally.
I have always thought that it was art, the products of human hands that inspire me the most. Craft. Nature. In fact, inspirations are everywhere, even in a transient moment - the right light, sound, coincidence. You just have to look for them. A bit like for magic..."

Anna Gawlik


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